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Southeast Asia is a collection of related but dissimilar states squeezed between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The area which is well-known for its perfect beaches, tasty cuisine, tropical climate and reasonable prices … has long became a favorite destination for most of travelers whom are ‘historical researchers’, ‘cultural seekers’ and ‘beach lovers’ from around the world come for visiting, relaxing and discovery.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries located in the Southeast Asia. In the North, Vietnam shares the long borderline with China. In the East, Vietnam is bordered by the Gulf of Tonkin, in the East and South by the South China Sea, in the South West by the Gulf of Thailand, and in the West by Cambodia and Laos. Owning to stretching the length of the Indochinese Peninsula, Vietnam boasts a unique shape of an elongated “S” and a long coastline of 3,260km with a lot of wonderful sites.
The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in the Southeast Asia where not only famous with the ‘Angkor Complex’ in Siem Reap but also the ‘French Colonial buildings’ and ‘Buddhism temples’ in Phnom Penh that made the country became more and more charming to travelers from around the world. Cambodia is sharing the border with Thailand to the Northwest, Laos to the Northeast, Vietnam to the East and Gulf of Thailand to the Southeast. Though the country does not own a long coastline like Vietnam or Thailand but the lovely and peaceful beach town ‘Sihanouk’ is now becoming very attractive to the world.
Thailand is well known by tourists as one of the most beautiful countries in the Southeast Asia recently. Talking about travelling to Thailand, most of travelers find themselves are very excited and fascinated like being on heaven because everything can be found here easily. From the thick jungle as green as can be in the far North and the countless historical sites with Buddhism pagodas in which included the huge golden Buddha statues can be seen in the Centre to the crystal blue waters at many beautiful beaches in the South Coasts that can be interested all type of travelers such as ‘adventurers’, ‘historic researchers’ and ‘beach lovers’.
Laos is known as a new destination in Southeast Asia where tourists came to enjoy their vacation quietly and peacefully. Talking about Laos, tourist is always having a joke say: ‘Lao PDR’ which means ‘Laos – Please Don’t Rush’ (actually means Lao People’s Democratic Republic). This tropical country is not own any beach like other countries in same area that can be realized through its borders: Vietnam to the East, Cambodia to the South, Thailand to the West and Myanmar and Chinese to the North. Although the Tourism of Laos does not develop for the time being but Laos is still considered by tourists as a perfect destination for visiting.