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You’ll save 10% off the final price of your tour in Viet Premier

You’ll save 10% off the final price of your tour (including Domestic flights BUT not applied for international routes) when booking any of our VIET PREMIER tours commencing and finishing within June 1st to September 30th, 2014.

This program does not commit you to any "small print" conditions - we always provide our high standard of services at any time of the year

You experience warmer and wetter weather when travelling during off-peak months compared to high season, but the benefits are not to be overlooked. This is the time when you will find prime destinations available without the hassle of primetime crowds, and our Summer Savers promotion makes it that much more of a treat. Southeast Asia is chock full of getaway locations which, especially off-season, can make for a truly relaxing experience. It’s time to take the hectic out of the holiday.

·  This promotion is applicable to bookings of any complete tour (not transfer/hotel or individual service bookings only).

·  Your arrival and departure dates must be in within June 1st to September 30th, 2014.

·  This Summer Saver is applied to one promotion only and cannot be combined with other promotions that we may offer during the same period of time but you are entitled to that of greatest value.


You’ll save 10% off the final price of your tour in Viet Premier

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This four-day tour will bring you to Hoi An, a must-see place where used to be the major trading port in 17th – 18th century. Here’s place that you can spend hours for wandering around the old streets under the colorful lantern’s lights every night or discovery the highlights of the town through its remain bridge and pagoda, or shopping at many shop-houses and handicraft workshops or even getting hands into the daily activities of Hoi A...


This four-day tour will bring you to Hue, is well-known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993. Before 1945, Hue is the national capital, the political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam under the control of Nguyen Dynasty. When traveling to Hue, you will be able to learn more about the countless historic sites of this ancient city through remain Complex, King’s tombs and the famous Royal court music, an intangible cultura...