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When travelling with VIET PREMIER TOURS....

We ensure:

24-hour responses with appropriate information
When you first contact VIET PREMIER and until your arrival in Vietnam, we'll be on hand every day to provide appropriate information or respond to your queries.

With the standard of 24-hour services and a response within a day, our travel specialists are ready to assist and consult you for any of your requirements. If it's a complicated matter, we'll respond immediately to tell you how long it will take. Throughout your stay in Vietnam, you'll be able to contact our office in Ho Chi Minh City from early to late, Monday to Friday.

In case you need urgent responses or for anything unforeseen crops up, you’re easily provided with a 24hr mobile phone number of your personal tour operator.

Experienced personal travel consultants and High-quality guides
We'll allocate you a 24hr, seven day personal tour operator right after you contact us. He or she will work with you from the beginning to design your itinerary and make the necessary arrangements, keeping you fully comfortable at all stages. From the time you arrive to start the trip until when you finish your vacation, your tour operator will monitor what is happening and re-check arrangements in advance to ensure that every element in your holiday runs smoothly and effortlessly.

During your trip with us - whether they are general or specialist, we'll provide you with a high-quality guide. We use only friendly, professional Vietnamese and ethnic minority guides with plenty of experience and in-depth knowledge of the area Each will be highly responsible, fluent in your language. They’re carefully chosen to suit the itinerary and, most importantly, you!

Customized and Tailor-made services
You’re free to modify the program to meet your demands. You’ll be in a holiday without restrictive itineraries, impersonal treatment and unwanted traveling companions – al what you could imagine. If you want to escape from indifferent service and small print extras, you'll love the freedom of our fully customized services.

Tell us what you'd like to see and do, surf through the wealth of options featured on our website or our brochures to taste of what we can do and contact our specialists to design your holiday by yourself. Whatever you choose, with VIET PREMIER you get exactly what you want and more besides.

Private vacations and little touches
We specialize in tailor made tours - our customers have one-off tours which are individually designed as they wish. If you haven't travelled tailor-made before, I think you'll be surprised. You are in control of what you are doing and seeing. In fact, private personalized tours often cost little more than scheduled ‘join in’ group tours, yet they offer unbeatable privacy and flexibility.

We acknowledge that the smaller details mean a lot. Our travel consultants and guides are also able to provide a ‘concierge’ booking service during your trip and are equipped with a list of local events, wine tastings, and festivals that are happening during your stay.

Your money will be protected and secure
When you book a tour directly with VIET PREMIER, we’re acting as the principal tour operator and ground handler.

Protection from Viet Premier Tours:

We are fully licensed by the Vietnam National Authority for Tourism (VNAT) as an International Tour Operator. The terms of our license require us to place a substantial cash bond in a secure account.

The money in the account is solely for compensating clients – VNAT controls our money in an account, which is solely for compensating our clients, and will not allow us to withdraw money for any other purpose. If compensation has to be paid to a client, we are obliged to top up the bond to its original level immediately.

VIET PREMIER is affiliated to the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA).

If we get wrong, we compensate
We’ll reimburse and compensate you if VIET PREMIER, or a third party contracted to us, fails to deliver a part of the agreed contract. Failures that were the result of circumstances beyond our control, such as cancellation or postponement resulting from government action or policy, war, civil unrest or natural disasters, are excluded.

Our Promise of Safety
Our client’s safety is a MUST. We always keep a close watch to the region in case any problems should arise and all our guides and escorts receive international first aid training. Before starting your trip, we also require you to have adequate medical and travel insurance.

Our competitive prices
Your tour will be managed directly by our office in Vietnam, thereby eliminating intermediaries, reducing overheads and guaranteeing expert local knowledge. You’ll have fair prices with no hidden extras.

We apply a standard margin to all our tours. The amount we add is calculated to cover our costs and generate a modest profit. This applies to the agreed itinerary only - if you require help with, for example, a dinner reservation or arranging a ticket for an event, we won't add anything extra to the price quoted by the restaurant or box office.

If you ask us to make hotel or flight bookings only for a free and easy holiday, our quotations will always be competitive and fully inclusive of all taxes and service - no hidden 'extras'. We don't make deals to receive commission.

Up-to-date, unbiased information and advice
The information about Vietnam travel that we provide will be as up-to-date, accurate and objective as we can make it. Although we are very proud of our country, we're also honest. If something isn't as good as it should be, we'll tell you - we don't want you to be disappointed. If you want very specific information, we'll try to find it for you.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection
We are concerning your privacy, too!

We have a strict Data control system. This system and policy sets out how we collect and use the personal information and preferences you provide us with directly or through use of our website. Anything you tell us will never be disclosed or made available to any third party without your willing permission.

If you send us a request for information, an itinerary, or a booking, we'll assume you're willing to provide the personal information that we require to design and manage your holiday or tour. VIET PREMIER doesn't rent, trade, or sell the personal information you provide.

In order to process your booking, send you any information or respond to an enquiry, we need to collect personal data from you. Depending on what’s required, the personal data we collect may include names and contact details, credit/ debit card or other payment information and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition which may affect holiday arrangements and any dietary restrictions which may disclose your religious beliefs. All references in this privacy policy to personal data include sensitive personal data unless otherwise stated.

If you believe that any of your personal data which we are processing is inaccurate or incorrect, please contact us immediately

After your tour, we'll contact you to ask for your for opinions and comments about your experience of traveling with VIET PREMIER. Apart from seeking information to improve the quality of our services, we'll ask your permission to quote a sentence or two on our web site in a way that ensures your anonymity. The decision to assist us in this way is entirely yours – our request doesn't place you under any obligation.

We'll also ask if you would be willing to respond to telephone, e-mail or mail requests from potential customers seeking confirmation of our probity. The text on the page offering this service will include a disclaimer of any liability on your part. As above, this request does not place you under any obligation – feel free to say “No”.

We’re here to make your holidays unforgettable !

Spotlight Destination
  • I spent my 05 holidays in Hanoi and Halong Bay with Vietpremier service. It was a memorable trip for me and my friends. Not only the professional service, but also the intelligent tour arrangement and seasoned tour guide make us feel highly comfortable, minus the cost for us but still bring the best service. This impressed trip made me miss all about the person, scenery, lifestyle and I’m really want to be there again. Those are unforgettable holidays with me and my friends. I’m so excited with my next trip with Vietpremier J
  • Ms. Nguyễn Như Hảo & friends

  • Phung and our guides responded perfectly to our needs. We were tired after the train journey and so the only part of the itinerary we would change would have been to just spend the afternoon by the pool at the resort rather than taking a tour of the Hoi An sites
  • Mrs. Lisa Marie Behan and our family

  • Mr Liem was a wonderful guide he was professional but still showed a good sense of humour. We would never have been able to cross the roads without his help. Your design and management of our trip were excellent. I just realised that I hadn’t given feedback on the meal in the Mekong on the first day – this was at the house on the Mekong river, this was very remiss of me as although all meals were excellent this one was exceptional and the best we had for the entire trip, I should also have mentioned that the guide (a lady) we had on the Mekong cruise was excellent.
  • Ms. Jennifer Grace Agustin & Friends

  • A very well designed tour. We were very thankful to have contacted you and felt that your arrangements for us made everything a lot easier. Mr. Trang He was a fabulous guide who was quite knowledgeable about everything. We really felt like he made our trip even more enjoyable. His English is also extremely good and he tries hard to accommodate. Our favorite was Phu Quoc but we also really enjoyed our tour of the Mekong Delta though didn’t need two nights in Can Tho because there isn’t much to do in the city. Maybe should have done one night on a boat in hindsight but wasn’t sure we would like that.
  • Ms. Marlo Kravetsky & Mr. Daniel Ages

  • Hi Viet Premier!
  • Mr. Johan Kruimer

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